Tech Tip: Test Systems & Anticipating Your Unknowns

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Solid test systems are a critical component in medical device manufacturing—and for good reason. High international standards set by the FDA and CE regulatory bodies help keep patients and healthcare professionals safe, making compliance necessary but not always easy to achieve. Robust test equipment helps manufacturers ensure that devices can withstand external forces not tested during the assembly process. Designing these systems always presents the same challenge: engineers must learn to predict what they don’t know. So how do they … Read More

Invotec Engineering, Inc. Joins Statewide Bioscience Organization


Invotec Engineering, Inc. recently became a Core Member of BioOhio, a local bioscience organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Established in 1987, BioOhio is a non-profit association representing over 330 member companies from the medical industry—including universities, research organizations, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and more. Their goal is to connect the organizations that support improving quality of life worldwide. Invotec is proud to collaborate with BioOhio as a way to gain deeper insight into the challenges our customers in the medical … Read More

Invotec Engineering, Inc. Joins the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council


Invotec Engineering, Inc. recently became an Associate member of the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC). The IMDMC is a group of over 150 companies with a shared interest in medical device research, development, production, and regulation. Started in 1991, the IMDMC provides training, education, and advocacy to individuals in the medical community. Invotec joined the IMDMC to gain deeper insight into the overall medical device development process as well as provide expertise on assembly, test, and inspection equipment. “We … Read More

Invotec Engineering Featured in Vision Systems Design Magazine


One of our latest projects, a vision-guided laser welding system, was recently featured in Vision Systems Design Magazine—a publication highlighting solutions in vision and automation from around the globe. This particular system was designed to help a manufacturer increase weld quality and consistency in an environment where tolerance stack-ups, beam diameter, and feature size previously resulted in unusable, ball welds.  In fact, our vision-guided laser welder helped the manufacturer reduce the percentage of scrapped parts from 8% to 1.5%. Invotec’s … Read More

EXPERT ADVICE: What Are Your Options for Integrator Support


In the unpredictable world of automation, even the best engineered equipment can require occasional support. Typically, our customers have engineers on staff and we work closely with them to provide a strong framework for maintaining and supporting their equipment on a daily basis; however, there are many circumstances where our customers rely on us to help them service or support their equipment. This can be the result of last minute product design changes, process changes to fine-tune their manufacturing process … Read More