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Seamless Integration
of Automated Solutions

HAHN Automation Group excels at the development and automation of manufacturing systems and solutions. We apply singular engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and build advanced solutions that mitigate your risk and accelerate your schedule. Learn More


Complex Industries with an International Reach

Some of our customers know exactly what they need; others are still nailing down their requirements. All of our customers share one trait in common: They manufacture extremely small parts for highly regulated medical device industries around the globe. Learn More


Unmatched Collaboration
with Your Team

At HAHN Automation Group, we don’t hold you to impossible constraints. We invite you to work alongside our team to define your business goals and refine your requirements. Our space is your space to work in—no matter how many iterations are required to reach your target. Learn More

Core Values

Technically Creative

We pursue technical, creative solutions by embracing innovation, cultivating competency, and fostering a team of professionals who are driven to exceed customer expectations.


Complex projects don’t always go according to plan, which is why we promote flexibility in everything we do. With our customers and our employees, we embrace the unique processes and novel strategies that are key to building a collaborative work environment and solving the most intractable challenges.

Customer/Employee Focused

We work as a team to ensure our customers’ needs are met and our employees are recognized for their contributions and talent. Our customer and employee focus is built on a foundation of professionalism, ethical conduct, humbleness, and sincerity.

Engineering Original Solutions
for More Than 30 Years

Invotec was founded in 1993 by two manufacturing engineers with a vision to make their customers’ lives easier. Our spirit of collaboration is rooted in their experience with completing heavily regulated projects under challenging deadlines.

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