Reducing Risk With Vision-Guided Laser Welding

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Vision-guided laser welding is a technique that combines automated inspection with traditional laser welding to increase weld quality, improve consistency, and reduce scrap. Vision guidance is used in situations where the combination of tolerance stack-ups, beam diameter, and feature size would cause inconsistent welds. This typically occurs in manufacturing environments for medical devices, automotive sensors, and other intricate products that require flawless consistency despite tight tolerances, repetitive productions, and complicated assembly processes. Vision-guided laser welding works best in applications where … Read More

Creating Contrast for Machine Vision

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Most manufacturers design their product before considering their equipment needs. However, acknowledging both simultaneously can save time and money—especially when it comes to machine vision systems. That’s because vision technology relies on contrast for accuracy during inspection. Keeping this in mind when selecting product components improves performance and functionality. Here are some tricks for creating contrast your product design: Optimize lighting: design features that are unique or have a special pattern to take advantage of lighting and enhance recognition. Create … Read More

Integrated Laser Welding

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HMI on laser welding station of equipment

Overview Supplied a series of stations that were used to assemble and safely LASER weld, check and LASER cut miniature parts in medical devices. PROBLEMS WE SOLVE Our customers consistently need a robust method for precise welding of small components. A natural process candidate is LASER welding. The issues with implementing laser welding systems can be numerous and challenging. Our customers are often worried about safety issues and weld integrity. TOOLS WE USE As a result of this need expressed … Read More

Machine Vision and Part Forming

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machine vision system

Overview Design and Build a system to automatically inspect and correct specified dimensional criteria on a precise metal component used in a medical device. Automatically bend to form and modify the component until it is verified to be in compliance with the dimensional specifications. Problems We Solve  Our customer was in need of a method to dynamically inspect and correct specified dimensional criteria on a precise metal component used in a medical device. Ideally this process would be able to … Read More

Multi-station Assembly Dial

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dial system

The Challenge: Increase Production While Eliminating Error One manufacturer, known for their high-quality consumer products, faced forecasts that their current production capabilities could not handle. As a result, they needed to develop a system that could better facilitate part changeover and reduce cycle times—all while maintaining the integrity of their product. In addition, the company was moving production from Europe to the US. To keep costs low, the system had to accurately assemble, inspect, and test their product with minimum … Read More