#TBT: Interview with Theresa Moss, Controller


In November 2018, Invotec celebrated its 25th anniversary. It's a milestone we achieved due to the support of our customers and vendors—and, most of all, our employees. Now we’re turning back the clock to hear from some of our most seasoned experts what Invotec was like in the beginning and the challenges that shaped our success today. #TBT

Meet Theresa Moss

20+ years with Invotec

About Theresa

Theresa started at Invotec in 1995 as a contract accountant. In 1999, she came on full time as the Controller which, at the time, also included doing some HR and administrative work. Today Theresa is responsible for providing accurate and timely financial information to team members and customers.

What was Invotec like when you first started?

We were a five-person company in a two-story condo building. I shared an office with Daryl, our current COO, and I still remember our first Matrix printer. The projects were focused mostly on design and controls until we moved to a new location and hired our first toolmaker—that was a big deal because it really expanded the type of solutions we could offer our customers.

What drew you to Invotec initially?

I first heard about the company while I was working part-time with several accounting clients. On a Saturday, I met with John, one of the co-founders. I got a sense of who John and Daryl were and what they were trying to accomplish. They are both very smart people, and I knew they were going to run this business right—so I joined.

What has kept you at Invotec?

The people here have really created a great environment, and John and Daryl always make decisions in the best interest of their employees. It empowers me to make a positive impact—my role exists to make the employees successful, and I really enjoy that everyone works towards this common goal.

Where do you see Invotec headed in the next 25 years?

Becoming the international company we always hoped to be—solving complex problems with quality.

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