Strategic Changes Target Customer Satisfaction

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DAYTON, OH – As part of a strategic reorganization effort to increase the emphasis on project management and customer-focused communication, INVOTEC Engineering, Inc. has filled several positions over the last year, as well as adding two new positions.  The management team feels that these additional employees will give INVOTEC an increased capability to solve customers’ manufacturing problems in a flexible and innovative way.

INVOTEC understands the advantages of increased project management and oversight.  In continuing with the reorganization efforts, long-time employee Mike Zimmerman, previously the Engineering Manager, was promoted to Project Operations Manager.  This move provided an opportunity to bring Vince Barbisan on as the new Engineering Manager.  These changes helped complete an important restructuring of the INVOTEC leadership team, which will allow the company to coordinate the best resources available to ensure total customer commitment and smooth project execution.

Barbisan is responsible for leading INVOTEC’s engineering functions, including mechanical and electrical design and applications.  His extensive background in technical management will assure the smooth flow of projects through the department, which in turn helps INVOTEC solve its customers’ problems more efficiently.  Zimmerman, in his new role of Project Operations Manager, is responsible for the overall project management activities of the organization.  This new position complements the company’s continuing efforts to foster productive relationships with existing customers, and provides the necessary planning and organization to surpass customer expectations.

Also in line with these strategic changes, INVOTEC has hired a new Purchasing Agent.  Darlene Walsh is responsible for the company’s procurement and supplier management activities, which include all project and non-project related purchases.  Her background in procurement and product management made her the ideal candidate for a job that plays a critical role in ensuring that the company’s vendor relationships facilitate the aggressive schedules required to maintain customer deliveries.

Other new positions resulting from the company’s reorganization include a Senior Project Manager, who is responsible for augmenting customer and project management capabilities while INVOTEC expands its customer base; a second Senior Applications Engineer, who creates innovative solution concepts for new and existing customers, and an IT Network Specialist.  The addition of the network specialist allows the management team to focus more on customer satisfaction, while the IT infrastructure is continuously optimized.  Several manufacturing personnel have also been hired in the shop, in order to keep up with INVOTEC’s quickly growing project list.

INVOTEC Engineering, Inc. focuses on solving customers’ problems by providing innovative solutions created by the unique application of INVOTEC’s tools and experience.  The addition of these new employees and positions over the last year has been made with customer satisfaction in mind, so that INVOTEC can continue to provide solutions that are designed and manufactured to exceed their expectations.

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