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Today, INVOTEC Engineering, Inc. has over 45 full-time employees, who create “custom-designed assembly and test systems” while working in a 29,000 sq. ft. building.  A lot has changed in eighteen years, since the inception of INVOTEC.

In 1993, John Hanna and Daryl Greywitt, two engineering co-workers, did the groundwork to start their own company.  The name INVOTEC was born after synthesizing the words ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’.

The company’s first home was in a 1,500 sq. ft. office in Centerville, OH.  Seven years later, INVOTEC made an interim move to the nearby city of Kettering, and finally settled into a 12,000 sq. ft. building built to their specifications, on the border of Springboro and Miamisburg.  In July of 2005, the company doubled the size of the original building; they also own two acres next door and are planning another expansion.

According to John Hanna, INVOTEC’s president and CEO, Springboro was an ideal location for the company.  “We drove around Springboro.  We found the city was easy to deal with, and business-friendly.  We’ve had a good relationship with the city ever since,” says Hanna.

Another plus is the recently opened Austin Pike and Interstate 75 interchange; this makes access much easier for their customers, primarily companies in the medical, consumer product and automotive subsystem fields.  It also makes for a better commute for their employees, primarily engineers, designers and toolmakers.

Hanna says the company’s strategy is to increase their customer base in selected markets; once they get to the right people at the right companies around the country, they “make the sale”.  An amplified marketing effort has broadened INVOTEC’s customer base, and generated a growing wave of new and repeat customers over the last year.

INVOTEC creates innovative, custom-designed assembly and test systems that can be designed and manufactured to a client’s specifications.  The talented engineers who work here can also produce a comprehensive proposal for concept, design, manufacture testing, installation, and service.

For more information, see the full article in Springboro Business Matters.

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