Join Invotec & BioOhio at Launch Dayton’s Startup Week

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Invotec is excited to participate in Launch Dayton’s Startup Week, an upcoming event for small business and entrepreneurs. From September 13 – 16, community leaders advise Dayton’s startup founders, innovators, and small business owners on all aspects of growing their business and improving operations.

Invotec has partnered with BioOhio to provide a track specifically for the medtech community. Join Noah Smith, Director of Business Development, as he presents, “Incorporating Automation into Medical Device Manufacturing.”

Automation has the potential to improve the quality, accuracy, and repeatability of processes found in medical device manufacturing. At the same time, the vast jump from manual processes to a fully-automated system isn’t necessarily the goal for manufacturers most of the time. Rather, the goal is to use automation in steps that will improve the manual process.

In this session, we will look at examples from medical device manufacturers who reduced cycle times up to 75% and improved OEE scores by 22.5%, generating more revenue per piece. Most importantly, we will demonstrate the thought process behind transitioning from a manual to an automated approach that led to these results.

To register for this session and the overall event, visit

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