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Press Release
July 7, 2021

Industry leaders from Invotec, Inc. and HAHN Plastics Automation will be exhibiting at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA on August 10 – 12, 2021 at Booth 3141.

The HAHN Group is a network of companies specializing in automation and robotic solutions. With divisions in Assembly & Test Systems, Material Handling, Robotics, and Process Technology, member companies serve advanced automation solutions to customers worldwide. Within the group, two companies focus exclusively on serving the medical device industry—Invotec, Inc. and HAHN Plastics Automation.

At the show, members from the each team are available to answer some of the industry’s most frequently asked questions such as, “How do I improve my operators’ productivity and consistency?” and “How do I determine fully-automated, semi-automated, or manual?” They will also discuss how advances in machine vision systems, micro laser processing, error proofing, and test systems are changing the way medical device manufacturers approach automation.

With over 25 years of experience designing and building custom automation equipment for medical device manufacturers, Invotec understands that the healthcare industry faces unique challenges when it comes to automating complex, intricate processes.

That’s why the company focuses on helping customers determine the right level of automation to improve production while maintaining quality. “Some operations can’t be fully automated reliably or economically,” says Noah Smith, Director of Business Development, Invotec, Inc. “In those cases, we help our customers build systems that integrate automation into manual processes to help reduce error, improve safety, and reduce cycle time.”

HAHN Plastics Automation will be joining Invotec at MD&M West, representing the plastics division of the HAHN Group. The company will be displaying their own specialized, automation solutions in plastic manufacturing.

Together, Invotec and HAHN Plastics Automation will demonstrate how both companies have scaled new advancements in automation to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers. “By incorporating best practices and vast experience from all members of the HAHN Group, we now have a global network of likeminded companies available to serve the medical device industry,” Director of Business Development, Invotec, Inc., Noah Smith explains.


About Invotec, Inc.

Invotec designs and builds custom assembly, test, and inspection equipment for medical device manufacturers. We specialize in applications with small-to-medium-sized components and complicated assembly processes—providing a range of robust, reliable, fully-automated and semi-automated solutions. Our flexible approach allows customers to refine their product design while we engineer the equipment, and as part of the HAHN Group, we are able to leverage a network of best practices and global support. Visit www.invotec.com to learn more.

About HAHN Plastics Automation

HAHN Plastics Automation, Inc. represents the Plastics Division of the HAHN Group. Focusing on the plastic injection molding industry, HAHN Plastics Automation brings together GeKu, Waldorf Technik, and Wemo—a portfolio of companies who specialize in automation solutions for plastic injection molding processes. Our core competencies include: feeding systems, testing and marking, packaging, in-mold labeling, take out and processing, 3D barrier technology, and assembly—all within the plastics industry. As part of the HAHN Group, we are also able to leverage a network of best practices and global support. Visit www.hahnplasticsautomation.com to learn more.

About the HAHN Group

The HAHN Group consists of a network of specialized companies for industrial automation and robotic solutions. With its own production sites in Austria, China, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, and the USA, the group currently employs approximately 1,400 employees at 21 locations. Well-known customers from the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, and medical technology industries benefit from the HAHN Group’s 30 years of expertise and automation know-how. For more information visit www.hahn.group/en.

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