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Devising Better Outcomes for Complex Industries

Overcome production challenges with solutions that inspire confidence. We specialize in working with highly regulated industries in which our customers’ reputations hinge on every single part they produce. Through our persistent focus on risk reduction, we design manufacturing systems and solutions that perform to the most exacting standards.


Finalize your design while we get started on your production equipment. We have flipped the traditional customer-manufacturer model to support your needs and deadline.


Save time, money, and headaches with tailored solutions that reduce downstream troubleshooting. We evaluate every potential component and process for risks and benefits to your operations before we build your equipment.


Maximize production, protect operatorsafety, and anticipate future customization and growth. We look beyond your part requirements to account for all of the factors that influence your success.

Helping Customers Around the Globe Make a Difference

We engineer sophisticated solutions for complex and tightly regulated industries around the world. Our customers manufacture high precision parts for equipment and devices that improve health, change lives, and contribute to national safety and security. And we’re proud to partner with industry-leading organizations that keep us up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in the field.


In the automotive industry, there is no margin for error. The failure of even the smallest part can have catastrophic safety and legal consequences. Make sure your parts meet quality standards before they leave the shop by partnering with Invotec.

For more than 20 years, we have provided automotive suppliers with seamless assembly processes and first-rate error proofing systems. We understand the industry’s tough regulations and are experienced with developing systems and processes that meet compliance standards. When manufacturing and assembling such high tolerance parts, attention to detail is required at every step of the process. Our systems enhance throughput and prevent defective parts from moving downstream.

Our solutions help improve inspection and validation processes, ensure passenger safety, support warranty agreements and traceability requirements, reduce field rejects and scrap, and reinforce operator ergonomics and safety.


Consumer Products

With consumer products, time is everything. You need to beat the competition to market and maintain around-the-clock production to keep up with demand. In the process, you need to keep costs down and quality high, or your brand and bottom line will suffer.

At Invotec, we understand the pressure associated with the high-volume environment of consumer products. We break down the complexity of building precision parts into repeatable, error-proof processes. Our engineers and manufacturing staff will ensure your part is designed for manufacturing and assembly. We can also design validation and testing systems into every step of the process. The result: Faster turn-around and higher quality for less cost.

Our solutions help increase productivity and consistency, improve quality, shrink costs, reduce defects and scrap, support 3D manufacturing and in-house R&D, streamline operations, and reinforce operator ergonomics and safety.



The defense industry might be broad and complex, but its suppliers are under a microscope. Regulations are strict and performance standards are high. With military, government, and civilian lives at stake, it is imperative that parts perform as planned and products are produced on time.

At Invotec, we turn complex assembly and sub-assembly into repeatable processes that meet the highest standards—including ITAR compliance. We have the technical expertise to design in error-proofing and testing at every step of the process. Our systems give you the confidence that your high-precision products will be produced on time and budget—and will perform as intended in the field.

Our solutions help increase productivity and consistency, improve inspection and validation processes, provide traceability and record of part assembly validation, support 3D manufacturing and in-house R&D, shrink costs and scrap, reduce field rejects, and reinforce operator ergonomics and safety.


Medical Devices

When it comes to medical devices and equipment, health, safety, and legal risk ride on the performance of every part. Patient safety—and brand reputation— depend on flawless assembly, inspection, and testing systems.

At Invotec, we understand the stringent regulations you are required to navigate. For more than 20 years, we have helped medical device manufacturers turn the complex assembly and validation of high-precision parts into repeatable, consistent processes. Boost throughput in your lab and reduce the risk of defects at every step of the process—we can show you how.

Our solutions help increase production; shrink costs; support rigorous validation and inspection requirements; improve device quality, accuracy, and patient safety; reduce field rejects and the risk of critical defects; ensure compliance with FDA traceability requirements; and reinforce operator ergonomics and safety.


How We’ve Helped Our Clients

The results speak for themselves. From stand-alone machines to full production lines, we have helped a diverse array of customers solve their most pressing production and testing challenges.


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