A Customer-Driven Process

Making Your Challenges Our Priority

Ensuring your success is at the core of everything we do. That’s why our approach is built on a promise of uncompromising service to solve your challenges—from working against tight schedules to designing parts and equipment in tandem.


Succeeding in the manufacturing industry is about mitigating risk. We provide workable solutions to your technical problems—reducing your risk to the point where the seemingly impossible appears routine.


We know plans change, especially with complex design. With honest and timely communication, our goal is to function in sync with your process and enable your product manufacturing by helping identify and accommodate design changes.


We believe that mutual success is based on open communication and collaboration between our talented team and yours. In fact, our entire facility is designed to provide you hospitality and full access to your projects.

Adjusting Our Processes to Fit Your Needs

Our Customer-Focused Process is not driven by a linear checklist of tasks—it is determined by your satisfaction with part design and manufacturability. You set the direction; we work through each phase as often as necessary to meet your needs. In a rush? Our technical creativity enables us to design and engineer your equipment while you finalize your specs. Every step of our process is designed to mitigate your risk and eliminate surprises.

a customer focused processs
a customer focused processs

We start by examining your business goals, overall manufacturing process, plant environment, operator capabilities, industry regulations, and end-user expectations. We then apply our more than 20 years of experience to identify and address all of your challenges to yield the best, most cost-effective solution.


With a concept in mind, we begin lining up potential solutions to your budget. We may revisit cost analysis multiple times throughout your project as you complete your part’s design and as your equipment takes shape. Above all, our aim is to design the right solution before you invest in the equipment.


We represent the application in model form and lay out the design intent to ensure the program fits your vision. Our engineers evaluate the design for risk, safety and ergonomics, and product and process controls. As you provide feedback, we continually refine our solution to keep on track with both your functional needs and budgetary expectations.


We manufacture parts and source components, assemble and integrate your equipment, and debug the mechanics and programming. As you refine your part’s design and conduct engineering studies, we revise the equipment and programs to stay in sync with your requirements. Throughout this process, we verify that the equipment meets your design requirements.


Acceptance runs confirm the equipment operates as intended, and production workers are invited to test the equipment and receive training on interfaces, preventive maintenance, and setup. The result: You ensure your equipment runs as intended and gain stakeholder buy-in before your equipment is installed.

All in a Center Designed for Helping You Get to Market Faster

Most companies consider a job done once the equipment is built. For Invotec customers, this is just
another step in our partnership. We work with your team until we are sure your equipment meets
expectations, and your staff is fully trained on how to use it.


Ensure expectations are met before your equipment leaves our facility. We adjust our operations to fit your design process and schedule. We invite our customers to work side-by-side with our engineers and machinists to capitalize on the strength of team-based solutions.


Make our manufacturing center your second office. From private conference areas to room on our production floor, we have dedicated, secure space where you can collaborate with our engineers and machinists. Our in-house manufacturing capability allows us to make adjustments quickly and effectively.


Change happens. Parts require adjustment. Projects are delayed. Processes don’t work as expected. We get it—and we are here to help. As your partners, our team is dedicated to smoothing out bumps and adjusting our workflow to ensure you can deliver the highest quality parts on your schedule.


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