Temperature Probe Laser Marking

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We worked with our customer to develop a custom solution to a significant process problem they had with the testing of their temperature probes.


One of our customers had a significant process hurdle in the launch of one of their temperature probe programs. They needed an individual machine that measured for performance characteristics as well as labeled and serialized the sensors based on the results of the testing. This process was required to ensure that non-conforming parts would not be accidentally reintroduced downstream.


In order to accurately read and mark the sensor value, some unique concept designs were necessary for the calibration and marking machine. To fully visualize each component, the INVOTEC team worked with the customer to develop a cardboard prototype. This allowed them to see how the operator would work in the space as well as how this machine would integrate into the current line.

The final machine starts the testing process by having an operator load the sensor into a fixture which is then loaded into the machine. The machine soaks it in a zero degree Celsius bath and evaluates the temperature response curve. The machine uses this to determine if the test is complete and records the temperature offset. Then operator loads the fixture and probe into the laser marking station which labels and serializes the probe based on the previous tests. Once this process is complete, only the probes which have been proven to fall within the stringent testing range are released for downstream processing.


In the end, all the safety, quality and cycle time goals were met with this machine. The error proofing process improved their relationship with their customer. By allowing our customer to guarantee each probe had been individually tested further savings in quality assurance were also realized.

This project showed how involving the customer up front can improve machine design. Team members provided valuable input that made the job safer and more productive, while improving part quality.

According to our customer, this calibration and marking machine now stands as the most accurate low-temp calibration bath in their entire facility, and it even outperforms their laboratory equipment!

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