Mechatronics: Ticket to Integrated Design

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Lawrence D. Maloney, Contributing Editor — Design News, July 15, 2007

The engineers at Ohio-based INVOTEC have another term for mechatronics, engineering’s latest buzzword.

“We just call it work,” says engineer John Hanna, president and co-founder of the Dayton area design firm, which employs some 60 engineers, technicians and machinists. Ever since Hanna and engineering colleague Daryl Greywitt launched INVOTEC in 1993, the company has made it a practice to blend mechanical, electronic, controls and software programming skills in its design approach.

Because of that integrated skills set, INVOTEC has garnered a steady stream of turnkey automation projects for customers in industries ranging from automotive to medical to materials handling. The technologies that the firm’s automation cells incorporate include: ultrasonic welders, adhesive dispensers, machine vision, force and torque measurements, mechanical assembly and much more. Virtually every project must provide a motion control solution and requires a thorough understanding of the customer’s overall manufacturing operation.

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