Machine Vision and Part Forming

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machine vision system
The Challenge

Our customer was in need of a system to dynamically inspect and correct dimensional criteria on a precise metal component used in a medical device. Additionally, they needed a process that could automatically bend to form and modify the component until it was verified to be in compliance with the specifications.

The Solution

Invotec designed and built an inspection system that measures the profile of the component at two stations to capture dimensional data in dual planes. The vision system in the first station monitors the X-axis dimensional information while a custom designed, servo-controlled tooling modifies the component in small increments, repeating the process until it is within established specifications.

The component is then transferred to a second station where an additional vision inspection system monitors the Y-axis dimensional information as a second set of custom designed, servo-controlled tooling makes modifications in small increments, repeating the process until the vision system verifies it is within the critical tolerance. Once verified, the operator can transfer the device to the manual load/unload position.

The Result

The automated vision system, integrated with component forming technology, allowed the repeatability of the process to meet rigid part tolerances with more reliability than previously achieved. The new system drastically improved the process yields and productivity for our customer.

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