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John Hanna, the CEO of INVOTEC Engineering, Inc., says the business’ 30,000-square-foot facility will be extended to 60,000-square feet and its employee base will jump from 50 to 100 in the next five years.  The goal appears reachable.  The Miamisburg manufacturing company has been booming in the past year.  It grew revenue 40 percent and expanded from 35 to 50 employees.  Now it is hiring another five employees this year.

INVOTEC officials said the key to their recent success has been a company overhaul it made in 2009.  At the time, the business had been reeling from economic woes.  To rebound, it enlisted two consulting businesses who advised changes in its management structure, reconfigured its hiring methods and updated its sales and marketing efforts.

Sandler Sales Institute consults and trains companies in sales techniques, marketing, business development and financial management.  CEO Advantage helps the leaders of mid-size companies – with 50 to 2,500 employees and $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue – build their organizations through clear long-term thinking, a tight strategy and building a cohesive leadership team.

With the help of the companies, INVOTEC took a step back and evaluated all aspects of its business – from sales and marketing to business development.  The result of the assessment was a complete overhaul of how the business operated, from the management structure to how it hired employees and marketed to customers.

With a clear new mission, INVOTEC looks to steadily add to its employee base and build revenue back to its 2006 peak and beyond.  Though there are no set plans, Hanna said the future may hold more expansion for INVOTEC in the form of additional sales facilities, which are now run out of its main building.

“We like what we do,” Hanna said.  “We’re excited to grow.”

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