Integrated Laser Welding

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HMI on laser welding station of equipment

Supplied a series of stations that were used to assemble and safely LASER weld, check and LASER cut miniature parts in medical devices.


Our customers consistently need a robust method for precise welding of small components. A natural process candidate is LASER welding. The issues with implementing laser welding systems can be numerous and challenging. Our customers are often worried about safety issues and weld integrity.


As a result of this need expressed by our customers, INVOTEC Engineering has developed a standard station platform to supply complete, ‘turn-key’ stations that include integrated part fixturing, fume extraction and safety circuits to manually assemble and automatically weld, verify the integrity of the welded joint and cut to trim the part as necessary. Using the standard station, coupled with the LASER welding and cutting technology developed for this type of product, provides a method of assembly for the miniature components that are otherwise difficult to handle.

  • Appropriate LASER Welding System Integrated with a LASER Safe Operation Enclosure
  • Vision Guided Weld Location Positioning
  • Fume Extractor
  • Pull Test Analog Load Cell as Needed
  • Custom Part Fixturing
  • Integrated Error-Proofing Sensors
  • Safety Circuits
  • Integrated PLC and Operator Interface Terminal

We designed a series of stations that can be used to assemble and safely LASER weld, check and LASER cut miniature parts across a range of industries including medical devices, electronics, defense, and automotive.

Miniature part handling and assembly is simplified with an error-proofed process that integrates part fixturing for manual assembly with part present sensors, holding tooling for the welding and cutting operations, and weld joint verification through an automatic pull test operation. Additional operations can be added to each station with a custom designed solution that utilizes the indexing transfer dial, multiple fixture locations and vision guided welding.

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