Inflatable Side Curtain Assembly

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inflatable side curtain assembly

Installed new manufacturing process equipment to manufacture Inflatable Side Curtain assemblies with sound ergonomic principles and in-process checks to verify that all components in the assembly complied with rigid quality standards.


Cushion Assembly: Folded Cushions have rivets, bolts and washers installed with pushpins and ramps to complete the cushion sub-assembly. Press clamps are manually advanced and automatically locked to press and secure components in cushion tabs and will not be release until all process checks are complete. Adjustable fixtures with linear position transducers and quick change features move between positions to accommodate processing LH and RH models from the same side of the assembly station.

Inflator/Bracket Assembly: Inflators and Brackets are manually clocked into the correct radial orientation and automatically verified to be properly loaded before the presses advance to fasten the assembly. Brackets are positioned with the required radial orientation and secured to the inflator with a crimping operation.


Linear position transducers report the position of adjustable fixtures for model setup verification, manually advanced and pneumatically locked clamps eliminate tooling guards and provide a method to control reject handling. TOX press systems utilize custom pressure controllers, a pressure switch and integrated linear distance transducers for process optimization. The control system includes an Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView operator interface terminal.


Cushion Assembly: Adjustable fixturing with quick-change features and setup verification in the station controller allows for a rapid change between models. A reduced fixture inventory and the capability to adapt to future changes and new models without extensive re-tooling or purchasing new capital equipment can be realized.

Inflator/Bracket Assembly: Programmable TOX press pressure controllers allow the process to be fine tuned for model specific requirements and the multiple press arrangement eliminates the need for press tool set-ups between LH and RH models.

inflatable side curtain assembly

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