The HAHN Automation Group Adds 34,000 sq. ft. to MedTech Global Lead Plant


Company formerly known as Invotec expands office and manufacturing space   Invotec has designed and built custom automation equipment for medical device manufacturers for over 30 years. Earlier this summer, the company revealed a rebranding to the HAHN Automation Group, becoming the global lead plant for the group’s medtech solutions.   Throughout this journey, the HAHN Automation Group (formerly, Invotec) has continued to grow their facilities in order to meet the increasing volume, and complexity of customers’ needs within the … Read More

Invotec is becoming the HAHN Automation Group


The HAHN Group unites member companies under one brand Invotec is becoming the HAHN Automation Group Effective immediately, Invotec will appear under the brand: HAHN Automation Group. With the new name and brand design, the former HAHN Group is bringing together all of the previously individual brands within the corporate network to form one global solution partner for factory automation. The unified brand visibly brings together the strength and size of the group: The HAHN Automation Group stands for industry-specific … Read More

Automation Equipment in Medical Device Manufacturing

InvotecCase Study

technicians work on automation equipment in clean room

With an intense focus on quality, medical device manufacturers require an automation equipment provider who is intimately familiar with the challenges they face an can accommodate the timeline and needs of their production teams — or, at least they should. That’s because maximizing on the potential of automation in the medical device industry requires a unique approach that offers support throughout the entire project. In this eBook, we share the stories of four customers — all from segments within the … Read More

Automated Equipment Provides Consistency to Coiling Process

InvotecCase Study, Error Proofing, Machine Vision Systems, Precision Joining

fully-automated coiling

Invotec helps medical manufacturer transition manual coiling process to a more repeatable, accurate, automated process. The Challenge A medical device manufacturer was struggling to produce consistent results in a highly complex, manual sub-assembly of their device. The process called for an operator to manually coil a delicate, .020” thick wire around the exterior of a mandrel. Doing so required operators to feed, wind, clamp, coil, and cut the material before transferring the device to a welding station—all of which was … Read More

Reconfigurable System for Flexible Testing

InvotecCase Study, Test Systems

large UV curing station

How Invotec provided flexible testing in the form of a multi-station, semi-automated system. The Challenge A catheter manufacturer was looking for development equipment to be used in their research lab. They wanted the capability to perform testing and analyze the coating and curing process of a variety of materials across products of differing lengths. Most of the details of the tests were kept confidential, but they included adjusting factors such as product height, curing temperature, coating and curing duration, and … Read More

Manufacturing in Focus: Advancing Automation


Manufacturing in Focus is a magazine that highlights innovative manufacturing technologies and techniques across all industries. In the October edition, Invotec got the opportunity to share with Manufacturing in Focus the benefits and common misconceptions of incorporating automation into an assembly process.