Airbag Inflator Electrical Testing

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airbag inflator electrical tester

Install a new, automatic electrical test system to test inflator/curtain assemblies that are used to deploy inflatable side curtains with sound ergonomic principles and in-process checks to verify that all components in the assembly comply with rigid quality standards.


INVOTEC has a large installed base of Inflator Electrical Test Systems that use a common machine design with modular tooling to easily accommodate models with different configurations and test specifications. The Inflator/curtain assemblies are manually loaded and auto clamped in the test fixture with the inflatable curtain in an enclosed area. Connectors are manually loaded and automatically seated to ensure they are installed properly. A pull-test is used to verify that the connectors are properly installed before the electrical test tooling advances to begin the automatic test sequence.


INVOTEC supplies electrical test systems utilizing a modular format to adapt established testing methods to model specific specifications. The common machine base design has a small foot print to utilize the smallest manufacturing floor area possible. The equipment guarding is designed to protect the operator in the event of an accidental discharge during operation.


The custom designed test head tooling uses replaceable contact pins with shunt removing capability to perform electrical tests, integrating Keithley Source and Switching Meters. The PC Data Acquisition system includes National Instruments LabView, the vision inspection uses the Cognex In-Sight system, and the control system includes an Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView operator interface terminal.

airbag inflator electrical testing

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