Airbag Folding and Riveting

InvotecCase Study, Complex Assembly Equipment, Error Proofing

equipment used for airbag folding and riveting

Designed and installed a new manufacturing lean cell to fold and assemble airbag assemblies using sound ergonomic principles and in-process checks to verify that all components in the assembly comply with rigid quality standards.


 Airbags were automatically folded at a station attended by an operator where they were manually loaded, unloaded, and then transferred to the next operation. Rivets were automatically installed at a separate station to attach component hardware that was manually loaded, the sub-assembly is then manually unloaded and transferred to the next operation.


Custom airbag cushion folding pattern utilized servo controlled actuators, a Bandit clamping system was safely operated with dual thumb triggers, Ebert pop-rivet systems mounted on ergonomic articulating arms are integrated with a vacuum mandrel extraction system. An Allen-Bradley PLC with an operator interface terminal are integrated in a system that includes error-proofing sensors and anti-tie down safety circuits.


Balanced operator tact times in the manufacturing cell provide for a smooth process flow and the lean manufacturing principles implemented provide error-proofing at each step of the manufacturing process.

mechanical machine 1  mechanical machine 3

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