Integrated Laser Marking

InvotecCase Study, Complex Assembly Equipment, Error Proofing, Micro Laser Processing

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Overview Designed and supplied a series of LASER marking stations to safely and automatically apply labels to different types of devices. PROBLEMS WE SOLVE The current manufacturing industry is seeing an increase in the need for rapid, flexible, low maintenance part marking. New regulations for traceability and requirements for machine and human readability are also driving this demand. TOOLS WE USE Integrated LASER marking is a natural fit as a tool to solve this problem. To offer our customers the … Read More

Medical Device Assembly and Test System

InvotecCase Study, Complex Assembly Equipment, Machine Vision Systems, Micro Laser Processing, Test Systems

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Overview Design and install a new, complete manufacturing system to assemble, test and label a medical device with sound ergonomic principles and in-process checks to verify that all components in the assembly comply with rigid quality standards. Recording the data from post process testing operations is required on 100% of the devices and is used to verify that the operating parameters are within established limits. PROBLEMS WE SOLVE Our customer needed a method to assemble, test and label a medical … Read More

Temperature Probe Laser Marking

InvotecCase Study, Error Proofing, Micro Laser Processing, Test Systems

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Overview We worked with our customer to develop a custom solution to a significant process problem they had with the testing of their temperature probes. PROBLEMS WE SOLVE One of our customers had a significant process hurdle in the launch of one of their temperature probe programs. They needed an individual machine that measured for performance characteristics as well as labeled and serialized the sensors based on the results of the testing. This process was required to ensure that non-conforming … Read More