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Our customer wanted to increase its worldwide capacity for producing their luxury casters and to ensure their parts were produced to international standards. To accomplish this they were looking for a complete manufacturing system that would assemble, inspect and test their product. There were two different sized casters that the machine had to accommodate via fast and easy changeover.


This manufacturing system included an indexing dial that took the components through every assembly operation including inspection and testing. Components were manually loaded into the feeder bowls at four different locations. These bowls fed the testing stations where critical parts of the caster were impact tested before moving to the assembly operations. A vision inspection of the impact tested caster verifies its quality and a custom made hot stamp marks the approved part.

The caster components are inspected and assembled using pick-and-place technology. Once assembled, the casters are then radially riveted together and receive a measured grease injection.   The completed caster is then off loaded to a good parts bin for shipment preparation.


The new process brought the entire assembly, testing and inspection process down to a 5-second cycle time, changeover to a 30 minute time frame and it all required only one operator. This met the customer’s specifications to reach their desired production and capacity goals.

In order to make the testing process more reliable a custom built hot stamp was created. This new model created less maintenance and more consistency between marks.

The end result is a customer that is able to now deliver their promised product quantities with full confidence they have been consistently assembled. Better yet, the components have been proven to meet the impact resistance criteria.

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